Snarked 8 (May 2012)

249465 20120607080057 largeLangridge brings the arc–it’s a journey arc, which is somewhat unexpected since there are so few navigation references in the issues–to a close.

Once again, Langridge focuses on the action of the issue. The evil Gryphon finds the heroes and sets loose a sea monster on the ship. And, once again, Langridge uses it as an opportunity to develop the Walrus as a character. There are little character bits throughout the issue, but the end clarifies–it’s all about the Walrus.

For that ending, Langridge unexpectedly promotes one of the supporting cast to more of a main role. Snarked has been relatively static in its primary cast; Langridge inserts the new character deftly. He had already established more of a role for him at the issue’s open, before moving back to the heroes.

As the story develops, Snarked just gets better. Langridge takes full advantage of its opportunities.


Fit the Eighth: The Frumious Bandersnatch; writer and artist, Roger Langridge; colorist, Lisa Moore; editors, Bryce Carlson and Eric Harburn; publisher, kaboom! Studios.

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