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Snarked (2011) #7

Snarked 7I didn’t count but I don’t think the North Pole-South Pole romance in this issue took Langridge more than seven or eight panels. Spread throughout the issue, of course. But it’s a devastating little romance. It’s sweet, heartfelt and melancholic all at once. It’s quite lovely.

This issue our heroes find themselves trapped on an island with the last surviving dodos. Everyone manages to get him or herself in a bit of trouble–except the usually troublesome little prince, actually–and Langridge keeps them moving.

It all takes place–the island stuff, so not counting the first act–in a couple days. Langridge never focuses on the time, but Snarked never feels rushed or not rushed enough. It comes from Langridge concentrating on making each moment, even if it is building to another (or none at all), as pleasing as possible.

It’s a great way to approach comic storytelling.

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