Snarked 6 (March 2012)

864996Langridge presents the heroes with a single challenge–a single one they know about, Langridge opens the issue with the Gryphon’s plotting–and, over the course of the issue, creates a second one for them.

He creates it subtly, but on the page, during a big action sequence. This issue introduces a pirate ship, crewed by familiar characters from Alice in Wonderland. Langridge gives them a lot of funny dialogue, making up for his regular cast being too busy in the action scene to have a proper conversation.

It’s a rather good issue; the two crews give Langridge a lot of variety to draw and a lot of personalities to write. He excels at both. He even introduces new characters later on–crews are big, after all–and they come into the issue seamlessly.

It’s one of the better all-action issues I’ve read. Langridge knows how to do it.


Fit the Sixth: Yo Ho Ho and a Nice Cup of Tea; writer and artist, Roger Langridge; colorist, Lisa Moore; editors, Bryce Carlson and Eric Harburn; publisher, kaboom! Studios.

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