Snarked 5 (February 2012)

859302Langridge sets this entire issue–with the exception of the prologue featuring the villains–aboard ship. The heroes have set sail for dreaded Snark Island, but they haven’t told the crew where they’re going yet….

There’s also the matter of sea sickness, the Cheshire Cat popping in, an angry crocodile who follows the ship and then the crew themselves. Oh, and the little prince getting eaten by said crocodile.

So, while the entire issue takes place in a day and most of it in a morning, Langridge manages to keep it quite full. He also gets in some excellent character work, particularly on the Walrus. The Walrus and Queen Scarlett–this issue doesn’t focus on her as much, rather the situation–are easily Snarked’s best characters, but for completely different reasons. Scarlett is just a fun, strong character. The Walrus is on an unknowingly redemption trip.

It’s an excellent issue.


Fit the Fifth: How Doth the Little Crocodile…?; writer and artist, Roger Langridge; colorist, Rachelle Rosenberg; editors, Bryce Carlson and Eric Harburn; publisher, kaboom! Studios.

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