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The Shadow 4 (August 2012)

I don’t think Ennis has a good handle on Margo and Cranston’s relationship. He’s trying to figure it out in the story, which is fine, but it’s a minor subplot and it ought to be more. He keeps insinuating things, but never clarifies. It’s a bewildering approach.

Or it would be if he weren’t doing a war comic. It’s not a battle comic, but it’s a war comic–The Shadow, under Ennis’s pen, is about wartime intrigue and he’s great at writing it. There’s a long scene with the Japanese and their Chinese crime boss associate and it’s better than any scene with Cranston or the good guys.

Ennis doesn’t even have to demonize the Japanese villains here, his other material is so strong. He’s able to demonize the Japanese entirely, however.

So while it’s an excellent comic for the most part, it’d be better if it weren’t The Shadow.


The Fire of Creation, Part Four; writer, Garth Ennis; artist, Aaron Campbell; colorist, Carlos Lopez; letterer, Rob Steen; editor, Joseph Rybandt; publisher, Dynamite Entertainment.

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  1. vernon wiley

    While the Shadow is a darn decent book,the oddness about Cranston & Margo gets skewed early in the first issue with the bedroom scene. Margo comes off as little more than a pawn in the Shadow’s mechanizations, in the way he dismisses her post coitus. I knew we were in for a different Shadow then. The underlying sadism of the easterners is unsettling as well. I know I certainly don’t want to read this after Ennis’ arc is done. I can’t imagine taking it over after this, at least in any convincing fashion.

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