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The Boys 18 (May 2008)

It’s a little more traditional issue of The Boys. More traditional because Ennis returns to the series being about Butcher and Hughie, which he’s been moving away from a little. There’s still the other stuff, he just focuses on them for the finish.

The cliffhanger resolution is good–Ennis actually paces it over about half the issue. It’s a satisfactory payoff, mostly because of the unexpected ways Ennis extends it. He’s able to make the absurdly, darkly, disturbingly comedic touching. The Boys, so far, is Ennis at his most tender.

There’s a little of the Mother’s Milk subplot; again, it feels like Ennis is trying too hard. It’s too mysterious–it can’t possibly have a fulfilling payoff. As far as supporting cast, the Frenchman and the Female appear for one scene. Annie gets a big scene to herself… odd as she’s not a Boys team member.

It’s an excellent issue.


Good for the Soul, Conclusion; writer, Garth Ennis; artist, Darick Robertson; colorist, Tony Avina; letterer, Simon Bowland; editor, Joseph Rybandt; publisher, Dynamite Entertainment.


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