The Boys 17 (April 2008)

Ennis is a funny, funny man. Even when he’s being cruel, he’s funny. He’s also come up with a good way–maybe–to excuse Hughie for killing that awful teenage superhero again. The teen hero is now a zombie and pitiful, but Ennis figured it out.

The issue’s mostly split between Hughie and Annie. She’s spying on her teammates, he’s working on his assignment with the teenage sidekicks. They meet up at the park and then Ennis comes up with another hilarious scene. One has to wonder if he just writes them down as they come to him and fits them into stories later.

Mother’s Milk has a mysterious scene, which teases for later. Ennis better be holding out something good for him. After finally giving the Frenchman and the Female a story, Mother’s Milk deserves one too.

It’s another excellent issue… with one of the most frightening cliffhangers ever.


Good for the Soul, Part Three; writer, Garth Ennis; artist, Darick Robertson; colorist, Tony Avina; letterer, Simon Bowland; publisher, Dynamite Entertainment.


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