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Ninety Seconds (2012, Gerard Lough)

Andrew Norry stars in NINETY SECONDS, directed by Gerard Lough.

Ninety Seconds is so well-paced and so anticlimactic, I worried I fell asleep for the third act. I did not. Writer-director Lough simply lets Seconds run out. While it isn’t perfect, Seconds is impressive.

First, Seconds is a near future movie without special effects. He implies future technology with camera angles and Cian Furlong’s excellent score. Furlong and Lough often make Seconds–a low budget short–feel like Blade Runner.

Second, the economy. Lough’s few scenes all do a lot of work as they play out. They’re long scenes and never boring. Lough keeps the viewer distant from the protagonist, played by Andrew Norry, which proves another good move.

Greg Rouladh both photographs and edits Seconds. Many of its problems stem from the former. The camerawork lacks confidence.

That technical weakness and Claire J. Blennerhassett’s bad performance as Norry’s sidekick hurt Seconds, but it’s still a worthwhile short.



Written and directed by Gerard Lough; director of photography, Greg Rouladh; edited by Rouladh; music by Cian Furlong; produced by Lough and Michael Parle.

Starring Andrew Norry (Mark), Michael Parle (Phillips), Claire J. Blennerhassett (Ralfi), Simon Fogarty (Gibson) and Emma Eliza Regan (Elly).


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