Timothy J. Cox stars in SIMPLE MIND, directed by Phil Newsom.

Simple Mind (2012, Phil Newsom)

I’m having a hard time finding anything nice to say about Simple Mind. Even the title is somewhat offensive after Newsom gets to his big reveal.

The short runs seven minutes and isn’t honest at all with the viewer until minute six (at least Newsom didn’t pad his runtime with elaborate end titles). With the intentional misdirection, there’s nothing to connect with in Mind. If the lead actor, Timothy J. Cox, were any good it might work, but given his awful performance… no.

Kristi McCarson plays the object of his affection and she’s pretty good. Not enough to do, however.

Newsom’s exterior shots are far better than his interior, which seem forced and amateurish. Some of the problem is Paul Nameck’s photography. They shot Mind on painfully obvious video, even more painful because Nameck doesn’t light it well.

Mind is a lengthy bad joke with a stupid, yet mean, punchline.

1/3Not Recommended


Written and directed by Phil Newsom; director of photography, Paul Nameck; edited by Nameck; music by Keith Campbell.

Starring Timothy J. Cox (Bob) and Kristi McCarson (Samantha).


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