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Time Is Just a Place (1961, Donald F. Glut)

A shot from TIME IS JUST A PLACE, directed by Donald F. Glut.

I’m sure writer-director Glut understands Time Is Just a Place–and I’m sure he explained it to friends and family who watched it when he made it–but there’s no explanation in the short itself.

There are a couple rocket ships traveling through space. They’re apparently time rockets. One ends up in prehistoric times, the other in the modern day. The prehistoric rocket pilot encounters some dinosaurs–Place has a big fight between a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a stegosaurus–while the other rocket somehow causes the destruction of the planet Earth.

That final sequence is really effective, though Glut appears to have just broken up a disk.

The opening few shots suggests some kind of lyrical film, with the next few minutes suggesting a lot of riffing on time travel. Sadly, Glut delivers neither. Once the dinosaurs show up, he eschews most abstract ambition.

That dinosaur fight’s bitching though.

1/3Not Recommended


Written, edited, photographed and directed by Donald F. Glut.


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  1. Matthew Hurwitz

    This has got to be The Stop Button’s first use of the word “bitching,” right?

    1. I believe so.

      But there’s really no other word to describe a teenager’s stop motion dinosaur fight in a short he made for a science project.

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