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Orc Stain (2010) #7


This issue is sort of strange. It feels extra-sized, with Stokoe resolving his cliffhanger and also One-Eye’s capture. The witch–specifically, her sidekick–rescues One-Eye and then Stokoe develops the team dynamic for the trio. There’s a lot of funny dialogue, maybe more than since the first couple issues. The witch’s sidekick, a living, mean-spirited fluff of red hair, dislikes orcs and offers commentary on the trio’s misadventures.

The art is good, but somehow muted for the big action in the first half. It’s like Stokoe is doing what Stokoe does in Orc Stain, nothing new.

The finale has a lot of new stuff for Stokoe though, including these killer bunnies. At least I think they’re killer bunnies. And farting little anteaters. They’re a strange mix of cute and gross.

Stokoe is able to reinvent Stain a bit, especially with all the new material he introduces.

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