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Bridge (1960, Janusz Majewski)

A scene from BRIDGE, directed by Janusz Majewski.

Adapting An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge into a short film, if Bridge is any indication, is a terrible idea. Director Majeweski–who also scripted–gives the doomed protagonist more to do before he’s on the noose than after. There’s no time in a short to make the viewer care, only to wonder if somehow this Owl Creek will be different than any other.

It’s not. Unless one counts the very boring trip through the Polish wilderness, though Majeweski fast forwards a little there.

Majeweski is a mediocre director. Bridge doesn’t have any particularly good shots, though the photography isn’t bad. There are a few almost good shots… but they never quite make it.

I guess the costumes are good, but a lot of the acting–even the unspeaking actors–is subpar.

I can’t think of a single memorable detail about Bridge. Hopefully I’ll even someday forget the bad music.

1/3Not Recommended


Photographed and directed by Janusz Majewski; screenplay by Majewski, based on a story by Ambrose Bierce.

Starring Zbigniew Gucwa, Ireneusz Kasprzysiak, Stanislaw Kasprzysiak, Andrzej Rausz, Joanna Skulenty, Franciszek Szydlak and Ryszard Wojciechowski.


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