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Orc Stain (2010) #5


James Stokoe has such an interesting approach to foreshadowing I wonder if he even feels he utilizes the device. Around the midway point–maybe just a little earlier, but when Orc Stain‘s protagonist wakes up for the first time this issue–Stokoe makes sure the reader pays attention to something the protagonist notices.

The protagonist even tells this little something he’s going to put it away for later use.

Guess what? Later use isn’t this issue. I kept waiting for it to come back, sort of like I kept waiting for the witch girl to reunite with the protagonist and save his butt. But she’s not around to save his butt, she’s around to exact revenge on their common enemy.

The orcs’ lack of morals is one of Stain‘s most constantly amusing facets and this issue is no difference. Stokoe revels in their debauchery.

It’s a tight issue; quite good.

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