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Hellblazer 2 (February 1988)

This issue’s rather surprising. There’s no conflict to it. And when I say no conflict, I mean none.

It finishes up the story from the first issue, has Constantine encounter some more ghosts–all of whom are from Swamp Thing and Delano doesn’t write Constantine at all the same as Alan Moore did so there’s a disconnect–but it’s just a closer.

I feel like I should be disappointed, but I’m really not. Delano finishes the first story. It’s not his fault there’s no drama in it. I suppose if it weren’t all so predictable there might be drama. It is his fault it’s predictable, but to make it unpredictable, he would have either needed a third issue or a shorter first.

Ridgway’s a bit of a disappointment though. I get he’s being frantic with all the lines to increase intensity, but the scenes’re intense enough.

Hellblazer‘s fine, just disaffected.


A Feast of Friends; writer, Jamie Delano; artist, John Ridgway; colorist, Lovern Kindzierski; letterer, Annie Halfacree; editor, Karen Berger; publisher, DC Comics.

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