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The Shark King (2012)

I understand The Shark King is based on a Hawaiian fable, but it’s supposed to be an “easy-to-read comic” for kids. I’m a little confused why R. Kikuo Johnson didn’t soften the bigotry of the island people when they discover the lead character is a mutant and also why the dad gets to be such a deadbeat. The dad is the titular Shark King… He deceives a human woman into bearing his child.

The story’s misogynist, but I suppose Johnson tones it down a little. Maybe he just didn’t realize it. Maybe in The Shark King 2 the mother will get her due.

The art’s very nice at the beginning, but Johnson gets lazy once the kid shows up. Shark King becomes goofy at times and the visual impact dissipates.

I’m not sure this comic would do much for kids besides convince them not to read more comics.

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