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Watchmen 12 (October 1987)

Moore finishes Watchmen with two obvious questions. There’s the big one the final panel closes on and a smaller, cuter one from a couple pages before.

But there are a couple other questions he raises this issue. Two people, who have no reason to lie to anyone, lie. It’s as though Moore gives the more innocent characters a way out while still showing the complexities for the rest.

He also implies the complexities of the human condition with the old Silk Spectre, bringing Watchmen back onto the mortal plane from its grandiose heights.

But the issue is nowhere near as successful as the series’ best issues. Moore and Gibbons succeed in providing a satisfactory conclusion; sadly, that conclusion doesn’t have any other the narrative enthusiasm Moore shows elsewhere in the book.

In fact, the ending is so genial, so affable… it’s surprising Moore didn’t have a followup planned.

Yes, really.

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