The Night Force 3 (October 1982)

Well, Wolfman certainly didn’t try too hard with this issue’s cliffhanger. The good guys are about to be run over by a boat, or whatever that situation is called. For a comic book about the supernatural, most of Wolfman’s Night Force action is pedestrian. And when it is supernatural… the scenes never last very long.

This issue opens with Baron Winters talking to his pet tiger. The tiger (or leopard) doesn’t respond, which makes Winters sound like some kind of a lunatic. The comic would have been a lot better if the pet were just some doped up wild animal and Winters was a rich nutcase.

Sadly, that turn of events is unlikely.

The only amusing part of the comic is the black guy looking different than in the last couple issues.

Wolfman’s recycling the action set pieces (this issue ends with the first issue’s opening one). It’s a bore.

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