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The Night Force 2 (September 1982)

The second issue is a little better. Colan’s art isn’t as concentrated on creating Tomb of Dracula stand-ins and Wolfman doesn’t have anywhere near as much exposition. Plus, Baron Winter has a far reduced presence, which seems to help.

But Wolfman does have his “hero,” reporter Jack Gold, knock boots with a twenty year-old girl whose spent her life in institutions. Sure, the “Blade as college professor” guy is upset about it for those reasons, but the reader’s supposed to sympathize with Gold.

Hey, wait a second, if Wolfman’s got me remembering characters names, I guess he’s doing something right.

Something, but not a lot.

There’s still a lot of undefined supernatural nonsense and a mystery villain or two. Wolfman’s trying too hard and flopping, which seems like a shame given the Colan art.

But it’s possible the series could improve… But it’s got a steep climb ahead.

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