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Showcase 5 (November-December 1956)

13267.jpgThis issue, concentrating on fantastical police investigations, is quite good. Even the third and final story, which gets off to a rocky start, is good.

The first story, written by Jack Miller and illustrated by Mort Meskin, is the best. A police inspector discovers he doesn’t just have insight into a bewildering case, he’s also–indirectly–the cause. Miller only has a minor surprise but his inventiveness more than makes up for it. The realistic Meskin art is a fine touch.

For the second story, Miller looks at a male model turned F.B.I. operative. The story’s silly but passable. Curt Swan does a nice job on the pencils, inked by Sy Barry.

The final story is sort of silly, sort of not. An Interpol agent is after a bad guy, chasing him across the globe. Bill Ely’s seems lacking at the start, but quickly becomes essential.

Awesome issue.

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