Showcase 3 (July-August 1956)

There’s not much to this issue besides Russ Heath’s fantastic artwork. Robert Kanigher’s script is pedestrian and predictable (for the most part).

It’s the story of a new frogman during World War II. The protagonist is short, which leads to teasing (even in the Navy). The teasing is aggravated by the protagonist’s ability to lip read. It’s a nonsense detail Kanigher uses to pad out the story, which is told in three parts.

For a while, during the first chapter, it seems like the story might have some factual basis or some interesting information about the Navy Underwater Demolition Teams. But then there’s a shark attack and all reality goes out the window.

Worse, Kanigher continues the bullying against the protagonist after he saves his antagonists’ lives (from the shark). The antagonists don’t even acknowledge the protagonist’s heroism. It’s painfully obvious Kanigher is padding.

But there’s some great Heath art.

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