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Betrayal of the Planet of the Apes 1 (November 2011)

It’s almost like a mantra… there are no new Planet of the Apes stories to be told, regardless of title, creator or company. Betrayal is no different. There are pro-human apes, anti-human apes and a conspiracy against either or both. It’s the way Apes comics have always been.

Except the art.

Gabriel Hardman brings professionalism and talent to Betrayal. It’s the best Apes art in decades, whether it’s Hardman’s take on the apes themselves or the fantastic action sequences. He has this chase sequence and it’s absolutely stunning what he gets done in a page. The implied transitions between panels are sublime.

The script, from he and Corinna Bechko, isn’t bad. Like I said before, the plot’s nothing new, but the characters are well-realized and some are quite likable.

Unfortunately, the cliffhanger doesn’t particularly grab one’s attention, but it could be worse.

Great art, totally harmless story.

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