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Huntress 5 (April 2012)

If this issue of Huntress is any indication, John Dell has behind most of the good art. Without him, Marcus To’s pencils–inked here by Richard Zajac–look cartoonish. It’s visually uninteresting. All the detail is gone. Given how little Levitz’s writing brings, it’s not like the series has anything to spare.

Levitz doesn’t have any Catwoman references here, but there is some overdone, obtuse backstory references. First, Huntress thinks about “daddy,” the lower case being a letterer error, but there’s no hint it’s Batman. Then there’s a bit about how she can never be herself or something along those lines.

Big yawn.

The issue’s a big yawn too. She kicks all the terrible Muslim mens’ asses and might even kill one of them. But probably not. It’s a weak cliffhanger, but it’s the closest thing to a competent one from Levitz so far. At the last possible opportunity too.

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