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Huntress 4 (March 2012)

So Levitz ended the previous issue with an ominous cliffhanger, then this issue just has Helena kicking ass. She doesn’t even face a tough adversary. She just kicks butt over and butt.

It’s almost like Levitz thinks he can get away with dumb female characterization for Helena by making her unstoppable.

There’s another cat reference this issue too, but no bat ones. It would work more amusingly if Helena’s parentage was established. As hints or cute details, it fails.

About the only other thing I remember about the issue is a very seventies or eighties homage page from To with Huntress silhouetted above Helena. The page has a nice, retro touch, something the book doesn’t usually have. Levitz’s attempts at being tough and realistic all fail, given the lovely Italian settings. Huntress is as grim and gritty as Mamma Mia!.

Luckily, the series–and my reading ordeal–is almost over.

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