Huntress 3 (February 2012)

Helena likes cats. Get it? Because she might be Catwoman’s daughter. Got to keep the reader guessing, because it adds texture to such a thoughtful series. Levitz also introduces the bad guys–evil Muslim oil barons who sell dissidents daughters into slavery.

I was a little surprised there aren’t any good Muslims to offset the bad guys, but then I remembered the New 52 isn’t about rounded writing, it’s about being cheap.

Other developments this issue? Helena, in her first person narration, thinks of herself as “mama,” as in, “come to mama.” I wonder if Levitz even wrote Huntress. There’s enough stupidity in the narration–not downright badness, but just dumb choices–to suggest some intern wrote it and Levitz put his name on it.

I’m finally a little more onboard with To, however. He’s on the third issue and he and Dell aren’t declining.

Too bad the writing’s plummeting.

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