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Huntress 2 (January 2012)

So the comic is about Helena–still no last name, still no personality, I’ll bet Huntress was definitely either a pre-New 52 book or before they decided to do Earth 2–breaking up a human trafficking ring.

And the cover tagline instructs the reader to objectify Huntress.

DC is such a classy joint.

The issue is more of the same. Helena in Italy fighting mobsters. If it’s possible, Levitz actually writes her with less personality than in the first issue. If it were any other writer, one might assume he or she was doing it for the paycheck. Levitz isn’t even introduced in providing informative informational about human trafficking. I guess his Helena narration isn’t terrible….

It’s just lame.

To and Dell’s art continues to be okay, but indistinct. There’s nothing gripping about anything in Huntress, not the art, not the writing.

Levitz doesn’t even bother with a cliffhanger.

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