Huntress 1 (December 2011)

I’m utterly confused. Is this Earth 2? Is the Huntress Batman and Catwoman’s daughter again? If so, why’s she going after the mob in Italy? The mob vigilante Huntress was a post-Crisis thing, right?

Like most of Paul Levitz’s modern work, he never establishes why anyone should be reading Huntress. Levitz wrote some great pre-Crisis Huntress thirty years ago, but there’s no hook in this first issue. There’s also no brain fodder to keep up interest.

Instead Levitz establishes a modern, realistic setting (Arab Spring mentions) and a bunch of sexist guys. Maybe because Helena doesn’t have a last name yet, it’s hard to get much personality out of her, but come on….

This issue feels like it was written before the New 52 and slightly rejiggered. Marcus To and John Dell’s art isn’t bad; it’s slick and without personality, but not bad.

It’s boring, like the writing.

One Comment

  1. vernon wiley

    Your comment on the story being past it’s expiration date was right on. The goofy thing about this was there was little here to grab the reader, and when your main character is dull as dirt, it doesn’t leave much for your interest to hang onto. A perfectly vanilla DC offering, pretty much the oppposite of the excitement DC was trying to bring to the table nowadays.

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