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Vengeance 2 (October 2011)

This issue’s recap explains all the previous one’s ending questions, which is nice. Even nicer is Casey doesn’t repeat the awkwardly uninformative ending this issue. Instead, he’s gotten Vengeance to a point where he can tease coming events and the reader is anticipating he and Dragotta’s take on them.

Casey’s exaggerated in his realism, dropping in catch phrases like “in the cloud.” They do their job, making Vengeance feel grown-up even though it’s about a bunch of kids (the scariest part in the issue is the bad kids excitedly planning to murder people). It’s a nice disconnect with Dragotta’s sixties-style artwork. I think there’s even an homage to Ditko JJJ here.

And Casey continues to earn his T+ rating–Lady Bullseye has a necrophiliac crush on regular Bullseye. Not to mention slimy dead bodies. Or the disposable cast members.

Vengeance is an engaging trip through the Marvel Universe.

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