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Prophet 21 (January 2012)

Prophet #21
Prophet is crazy even before the titular protagonist has sex (consensual sex) with the hideous alien. She also confirms Prophet is eating a human drumstick, adding genial cannibalism to the list of the issue’s crazy.

Like most people who aren’t completely insane, I never read Rob Liefeld’s original Prophet series and have no idea how this new one fits into continuity. Writer Brandon Graham seems to be starting from scratch. Prophet wakes up; he’d been in a time capsule, buried in the Earth. He’s got the save the planet, of course, from the alien invaders who seem to have reduced the humanoids to cattle. Hence his drumstick.

Graham’s script and Simon Roy’s art turn Prophet into a true indie book, not just in the disgusting details, but also in the visual storytelling. Roy simply creates some lush landscapes.

Prophet is icky and amazing. I can’t wait to see what’s next.



Prophet; writer, Brandon Graham; artist, Simon Roy; colorist, Richard Ballermann; letterer, Ed Brisson; publisher, Image Comics.

2 responses to “Prophet 21 (January 2012)”

  1. vernon wiley

    Good to see you current. Bad to say I haven’t either of these books in stock at my shop. Sold 26 copies of Prophet so far. Take THAT, Justice League! If any of the DC New52 were half as good as this and Adventure Time, I might stay interested in mainstream comics.

  2. vernon wiley

    OH YEAH! And that crazy crack pipe at the end of their consentual sex. Can’t not mention that!

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