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Locke & Key: Head Games 6 (June 2009)

Hill’s fluidity of Zack’s gender is once again striking. The issue’s a flashback to before the first series and so Dodge (how many names does the character have, anyway?) is still the female. I wonder how it’ll all play out.

There are no Lockes in this issue (except a cameo from Duncan in the flashback) and instead it’s Ellie’s issue. Hill shows how lousy her life was before Dodge came back into the picture. Of course, having an evil ghost around murdering people should make it worse, but Ellie’s mom is exceptionally evil too so it’s a toss-up.

It’s mostly a talking heads issue, except one of Rodriguez’s amazing double-page spreads of inside Ellie’s head. He does well pacing the confrontations between mother and daughter; Hill strives, once again, to juxtapose mundane evil against the supernatural.

Though Locke-less, it’s Head Games‘s best issue. Hill and Rodriguez excel.

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