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Batman 363 (September 1983)

Moench gets a lot done this issue. Primarily, he introduces Nocturna (an astronomer turned ghostly pale through radiation and, of course, now a criminal), gets her flirting with Bruce and fighting with Batman. Oh, wait, there’s also the continuing Vicki Vale drama and Jason Todd getting ready to leave since he can’t play Robin.

And more with Bullock and Gordon. Even a passing mention of Gordon’s health problems (but just passing).

What’s even better is how well Moench writes these scenes. He and Newton make Nocturna believable in her hyperbole–she’d be overcompensating to make up for the physical changes. Bruce’s inability to bond with Jason is also salient. Moench’s not spending a lot of time showing his Bruce Wayne, but he is clearly defining the character.

The art’s outstanding. Alcala and Newton jibe here, from the first page it’s masterful.

The issue’s strong. Moench juggles a lot and succeeds.

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