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Chronicles of Wormwood: The Last Battle 4 (June 2010)

Ennis is definitely building to the conclusion. He’s put a character in danger, he’s raised the stakes with Wormwood… he’s even giving Jay a lot to do.

At this point, none of it feels rushed. In fact, the issue is kind of long in the tooth with Pope Jacko’s insights into being damned. It’s a fine enough scene and Ennis comes up with some great details, but it’s pointless. Jimenez doesn’t bring any funny business to it and so it’s plodding exposition.

Where the issue succeeds is in Wormwood and Jay’s scenes. Ennis gets to be playful with the rules–Wormwood can’t help but tempt, Jay makes everyone tell the truth–and it brings humor to an otherwise downbeat issue.

Jimenez also fails with the talking heads. It’s like he can do expressions, then overdoes the rest. It’s most striking when Wormwood’s pleading his case to his girlfriend.

Still, it’s excellent.

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