Chronicles of Wormwood: The Last Battle 1 (September 2009)

Oscar Jimenez is not the right artist for Chronicles of Wormwood. He’s doing a Jacen Burrows (the original series’s artist) impression and it just doesn’t work. He doesn’t get the humor. He gets the scary, gross-out stuff, but not the humor.

And there’s a lot of humor. Oh, there’s drama–lots of drama. Jesus is getting better, Danny’s going to have a baby, he and Jimmy are fighting since Danny’s moved his girlfriend in… but there’s a lot of humor.

I mean, Jimmy is a foul-mouthed, horny rabbit, how can there not be humor?

Instead of dropping the cast in an entirely new situation, Garth Ennis is checking in with them some indeterminate time after the previous issue (a one-shot) and bringing the reader up to date. It’s impossible, with this issue, to predict where exactly he’s going with the comic.

Even with Jimenez, the magic’s back.

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