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The Punisher 2 (October 2011)

Still no dialogue out of Frank.

Is Rucka just waiting for some big reveal or has he just not figured out his approach yet. Checchetto has decided his approach, however. Frank Castle looks like he’s in a boy band. Or, was in a boy band and is planning a come back. Not the toughest looking Frank, not even a weathered one.

Still, Rucka maintains professional competence and Checchetto is a decent artist for this urban kind of thing. The Punisher is readable, but totally indistinct. It’s like Marvel wanted to sell old Punisher trades so they put this series out–it just reminds the reader of better older comics he or she can go purchase in trades.

Rucka’s cliffhanger, which is boring in terms of the narrative (since Frank doesn’t talk), should be telling. He’s going to have to define his interpretation of the character.

At least, one would assume.

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