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Peanuts 1 (January 2012)

Vicki Scott writes Lucy very well. Maybe even distressingly well. Scott writes two stories this issue, one featuring Lucy trying to get a song out of her head, the other Lucy teaching the reader how to draw Charlie Brown. In the first, Paige Braddock’s charming art sort of takes over. It’s well-written, but there’s a lot of visuals to draw one’s attention.

In the art lesson, however, Lucy’s personality comes through and it’s great. Mean-spirited, yet amusing and appealing.

The other story, from Shane Houghton and Matt Whitlock, is also good. Long story short, Snoopy gets roped into bloodhound duty to find a missing cat. Whitlock’s composition is outstanding–he has a very non-Peanuts approach and it creates a lot of energy.

The issue also has some nice classic Schulz strips, which also show how well Scott and Houghton fit the tone.

Peanuts is delightful, if pricey.

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