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Swamp Thing 56 (January 1987)

Moore overwrites Swamp Thing’s first person narration quite a bit. The more obvious ties to the color blue–he’s stuck on an all-blue planet–aren’t as bothersome as a reference to tenement housing. It’s not in the character. There’s nothing to suggest he’d have that thought.

Otherwise, it’s fine. Wordy, but fine. There’s no other way for Moore to tell the story of Swamp Thing creating a whole world for himself in his loneliness.

This issue informs a certain Watchmen issue too….

It’s the first Swamp Thing issue in a long while to solely feature Swampy. Where Moore excels is in the character development–he manages not to humanize an extraordinary creature too much, instead balancing the emotion and the power (another lesson he uses in Watchmen).

Veitch and Alcala make the blue planet haunting and tragic, while still beautiful.

Moore’s plotting is fantastic too.

It’s problematic, but good.

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