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Swamp Thing 54 (November 1986)

Reading this issue, I wonder if Moore knew how he was going to bring Liz and Dennis back. He exited them from the series right after he took over. He certainly foreshadowed it.

Interestingly, after doing a few issues “for the fans”–a Batman guest appearance, lots of action–he’s hostile to the traditional comic book reader again. I can’t remember reading many DC comics about battered women….

In addition to doing a great chase issue, he also figures out how to move Abby quickly through her states of grief to get her to be a productive character again. Swamp Thing is still growing.

There are a couple great pages with the human side of Commissioner Gordon and Batman too.

The Veitch art, from the first panel of Abby, transfixes. He and Alcala bring the humanity, but Veitch is able to compose grandiose, emotive panels.

It’s melodrama, but great melodrama.

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