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Swamp Thing 51 (August 1986)

From the first page, it’s clear Veitch and Alcala’s take on Swamp Thing is going to be a little different. Veitch is far less lyrical about Swampy’s appearance. He now looks like a mix of Wrightson and Bissette.

This issue kicks off the “Abby in Gotham” arc and Moore moves really fast through her side of the story. While he did previously establish Swamp Thing and Abby do not tend to see each other during the week… it doesn’t seem feasible here. Abby’s going through the American legal system at a rapid pace and Swamp Thing’s battle for Heaven didn’t seem particularly lengthy. It’s as though Moore got confused between the monthly publishing pace of the series and the comics’ present actions.

Nitpicking aside, it’s good. It’s like Moore wanted to give the readers a more traditional story, maybe a “thank you” for sticking with him through the headier material.

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