Swamp Thing 49 (June 1986)

This issue, though the cover does nothing to reveal it, features guest appearances from lots of DC’s supernatural characters. Moore skips his cliffhanger regarding Abby’s arrest–some things are clearly best left until after the end of the universe–and instead shows Swampy and Constantine rallying the troops.

For the most part, the issue is rather straightforward. Swamp Thing gets the more mysterious characters together, Constantine has a party. There’s very little flourish to Moore’s characterizations. The writing is all strong, but not playful. Well, except when he goes over Zatanna and Constantine’s romantic history.

Moore concentrates on the third person narration of the bird (it’s bringing the end of the world) and that approach works. It lets him set a tone and return to it, while still including the fantastic (people walking across a giant Spectre).

On the art, Woch and Alcala do well.

It’s a good priming issue.

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