Swamp Thing 41 (October 1985)

So in 1985, Moore did a frank story about racism. That feature alone would make this issue of Swamp Thing significant, but it’s far from the most stunning part of the comic.

Hollywood has come to the swamp and they’re making a miniseries about plantations and slavery. The evil of the plantation reincarnates, down to the local black extras being possessed by their slave ancestors. It’s a little shocking, especially when one considers Moore’s British (which does give him the observer’s perspective), but Swamp Thing’s a plant and Abby’s from the Balkans. It’s a stunning issue with some great supporting characters.

Moore forecasts his plans from the start, but it’s still a shock when he executes them.

Of course, the art’s essential too. Alfredo Alcala inking Bissette provides some interesting results. The figures still have the fluidity, but Alcala sharpens the lines. For a horror story, it’s a great style.