Swamp Thing 37 (June 1985)

Veitch brings an unexpected harshness to Swamp Thing. Not to the issue overall, and not even to Swamp Thing when he’s regrowing from a sprout. But when he’s fully grown, Veitch and Totleben’s lines make Swamp Thing stand out. He’s almost more monstrous than ever before. The outline reminds, oddly, of the Karloff Frankenstein monster.

In that scene is another turning point–Swamp Thing ignores Abby. His curiosity about himself turns him into a regular guy, the one who ignores what his girlfriend is saying.

It’s a one page scene but it’s sort of startling. Moore is finally making Swamp Thing about Swamp Thing, even if he’s just spent the issue introducing John Constantine.

Besides Constantine’s quest to find out about some imminent danger, the issue is mostly Abby taking care of the Swamp Thing sprout. It’s half a cute issue; Moore splits his concentration between horror and emotional depth.

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