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Swamp Thing 36 (May 1985)

Not a happy comic, not at all. Moore plays with having multiple points of view, fragmenting the story’s timeline to give everyone a chance at a surprising moment. He opens with Swamp Thing, who doesn’t really have a story this issue. Moore’s showing his mastery; he turns what should be a filler issue into an essential one. He focuses on Abby toward the end, which reveals the most.

It’s clear Moore’s real protagonist is Abby at this point, maybe because she has to be. Moore never gives Swamp Thing as good of moments. For example, there’s a short line here about Abby living in Houma during the week and in the swamp with Alec on weekends. It’s fantastical but wholly domestic.

That one nice moment is amid all the awfulness of the rest. Moore also establishes the series isn’t going to have easy fixes, even with the new, lesser antagonists.

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  1. vernon wiley

    Probably the best thing about reading these is that you get to see Moore’s ascendence here as a level one writer. The development he shows from issue to issue is practically a treatise on discovering the many ways of establishing narrative within the sequential format. That may be Moore’s greatest contribution to comics in the end. All the rest is just tons of icing on the already ten layer cake.

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