Ka-Zar the Savage 7 (October 1981)

This issue isn’t a success, not entirely, but it’s not bad. It’s also why I love and defend Bruce Jones’s writing.

I was almost going to say his honor.

Anyway, the issue opens with Ka-Zar and Shanna bickering over Shanna getting busy with the Atlantean ghost last issue. It’s a fast, hilarious dialogue exchange in about nine panels, maybe twelve. It’s just great.

But then the issue itself is Ka-Zar telling Shanna about a dream and Shanna amateurishly psychoanalyzing it.

So you get Ka-Zar’s recounting of the dream, then Shanna’s interpretation of it. It’s a lot of content, including Jones playing with the differing views on events.

The dream part isn’t great, but the psychoanalyzing is a lot of fun. Jones’s ambitious with the experimentation–jungle adventure, psychoanalysis, Robert E. Howard and Cthulhu.

Jerry Bingham joins Anderson on pencils, leading to good art. The script’s too restrained for great art.

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