Venom 2 (June 2011)

Moore really starts to hinder Venom this issue. Maybe the flashy inks (no pun intended) weren’t enough to correct his weaker impulses. There’s a scene with Peter and Betty (Remender does a good job bringing in the traditional Spidey soap opera, even if it’s Flash’s book) and Moore fumbles the entire thing. He can’t do the scene.

But the opening art, with Venom on the run from Kraven in the Savage Land, isn’t bad. The first few pages at least are decent, probably because Moore’s drawing Venom in costume. Or in alien slime.

Remender does a quick little reference or two to “Kraven’s Last Hunt” and Venom feels like a trip through Spider-Man history. Like a guided tour (but there are no reminders to check out the original stories).

But it’s surprisingly good stuff. Remender continues to write Flash quite well; he makes Venom worthwhile, overpowering Moore’s weak art.

One Comment

  1. Vernon Wiley

    To me the best moments are the more fast paced, frenetic ones. I mean, Venom just doesn’t go far in tender moments. But nonetheless, I’m still totally sucked in by the soap opera qualities of Flash and his inner dialogue throughout the proceedings. Moore, while not perfect, gets the job done. Could of been worse, MUCH worse…