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Planet of the Apes 2 (May 2011)

Most of Magno’s art is too good for a Planet of the Apes comic. He clearly takes a lot of time and care creating the comic’s setting. So when he has a bad panel, it’s striking, especially since it’s usually something inexplicable–like drawing a character bad when one panel before it was fine or good.

But Magno’s art is a small quibble.

Boom!’s Apes continues to be harmless licensed material, even as Gregory starts moving towards choppy water.

He includes one of the mutants from Beneath, which creates a narrative problem. The reader might recognize the character, but the protagonists in the book have no idea. So the reader is miles ahead of the characters… doesn’t make the drama particularly compelling.

There’s also the more significant problem of the setting. It’s unbelievable apes and humans got along well enough to build Gregory’s society.

He’s writing into a corner.

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