A scene from #OMGIMTRENDING, directed by Jorge Enrique Ponce.

#OMGIMTRENDING (2011, Jorge Enrique Ponce)

Every once in a while, Ponce will hold a really long shot. These shots are so long and awkward, #OMGIMTRENDING ceases to be some terrible hipster exercise about Twitter and it’s an intensely uncomfortable piece of cinema.

Or, it would be, if Ponce’s composition of these shots wasn’t awful.

And Ponce does come up with some great shots, but they’re always these singular ones amid terrible ones. For some reason, he pretends he has Panavision and shoots it extremely wide. So there are twelve terrible wide shots… then one excellent one.

As for the writing, Ponce tries for sardonic and fails. Actually, it might be wrong to blame Ponce’s script; his actors are atrocious. Lead Patrick Alan Davis is just impersonating Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim’s a big influence). At least he’s earnest.

The rest of the performances are worse, especially Olivia Harewood.

Sadly, the opening few seconds are encouraging.

1/3Not Recommended


Written, produced, edited and directed by Jorge Enrique Ponce; director of photography, Christopher Oneill; music by Huxleys; production designer, Nathan Carden.

Starring Patrick Alan Davis (Fletch Finn), Sterling Price (Dusty), Olivia Harewood (Wanda), Lizzy Davis (Vedra Finn), Sammy Garcia (Murdoch), Tony Calle (Smooch) and David Joseph Solomon (Edgy Gus).


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