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Planet of the Apes: Urchak’s Folly 3 (March 1991)

Chaloner doesn’t have too much quality drop, but there is a little. He’s delaying the revelations about the protagonist by introducing new material—stuff from the movies, actually—and then the titular Urchak going nutty.

But Urchak isn’t as interesting as the rest of the cast. He works far better when he’s silent and dangerous instead of loud and insane.

Still, Chaloner can get away with it, particularly since he opens the issue with a couple wonderful double page spreads. The art in this issue, like always with Folly, surprises me. It doesn’t fit with what I think of Adventure in general and its Apes franchise in particular. It’s way too good, way too creative, way too exuberant, for a licensed property.

After sustaining the quality this issue, I’m now excited for the final one. Chaloner, I name I was unfamiliar with before Folly, appears to be a great discovery.

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