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So You Think You Need Glasses (1942, Richard L. Bare)

George O’Hanlon stars in SO YOU THINK YOU NEED GLASSES, directed by Richard L. Bare for Warner Bros.

Here’s a strange one.

So You Think You Need Glasses starts off as an instructional short about common eyesight problems and their solutions. It’s of particular note for the opthamologist’s office… which sports much of the same equipment in 1942 it does today.

Art Gilmore narrates the entire short, sometimes to humorous effect when speaking for protagonist George O’Hanlon or, to much better effect, the uncredited actress playing his wife.

But then the short takes a strange turn… O’Hanlon doesn’t need glasses. He needs to be out in the sun more, doing eye exercises. The short says these exercises will cure many afflicted with poor eyesight….

And why does O’Hanlon need good eyesight?

So he won’t be 4-F anymore.

Gilmore does well with the narration and O’Hanlon gives a fine physical performance. Bare’s direction’s adequate.

Glasses just doesn’t resonate as anything but a curiosity.

Like I said, it’s strange.

1/3Not Recommended


Written and directed by Richard L. Bare; director of photography, Lee Barry; produced by Bare and Gordon Hollingshead; released by Warner Bros.

Starring George O’Hanlon (Joe McDoakes). Narrated by Art Gilmore.


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