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Men of War 1 (November 2011)

I realize DC’s got to have something to sell to their pro-war readers, but come on… they couldn’t do any better than Men of War?

First up is Sgt. Rock’s grandson. Now, it’s iffy on the years when people are born and all, because Sgt. Rock III isn’t fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan, he’s cleaning up after superhuman Army agents. But that aspect isn’t the silliest. Or even Ivan Brandon introducing first person narration halfway through.

It’s just a stupid character. Brandon’s got a stereotype handbook and he uses it step by step—smarter than the West Point guys, but no formal education, check… invalid mother, check. It’s painfully unoriginal.

Tom Derenick’s art isn’t good, but he does spend time on it.

Jonathan Vankin and Phil Winslade’s backup suggests again the U.S. is paying DC to produce pro-war propaganda. It doesn’t go any deeper.

Men of War stinks.


Joseph Rock; writer, Ivan Brandon; artist, Tom Derenick; colorist, Matt Wilson. Human Shields, Part One of Three; writer, Jonathan Vankin; artist, Phil Winslade; colorist, Thomas Chu. Letterer, Rob Leigh; editors, Kate Stewart and Joey Cavalieri; publisher, DC Comics.

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