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Rip Kirby, Pagan’s Plight (May-September 1952)


I think Raymond must have changed his model for Pagan Lee. Her face is completely different now.

This storyline has me hoping Dickenson has taken over and it’s not Ward Greene at all because I liked a lot of Greene’s stuff and this story’s awful. Honey’s in it for a second; her character’s become completely useless. Pagan, the Mangler and Fingers Moray all show up—the three recurring characters—and Raymond and company contrive a way to get them all together.

Where do they meet up? Vegas, of course.

But it’s called Buckaroo in Rip Kirby land, which makes absolutely no sense.

Speaking of Rip, he’s not in it very much. The majority of the story belongs to the Mangler, who threatens his way into a crooked casino. No violence needed, just threatening and maybe some yelling.

The writing’s just terrible.

It continues the depressingly weak run in Kirby lately.



Writers, Ward Greene and Fred Dickenson; artist, Alex Raymond; publisher, King Features.

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