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Rip Kirby, The Play’s the Thing (March-June 1950)


This storyline, which is really short, finally puts the spotlight on Desmond. Rip’s butler and assistant is off to… well, it’s never accurately describe, but a small town in hopes of finding romance. All is not what it seems and eventually Des finds himself in a bit of trouble.

Well, wait, actually he doesn’t. Once Des does get into trouble, the focus goes to Rip so the reader has no idea how Des is responding to the situation. It’s a stretch already, with Des getting taken in by a “lonely hearts” blackmailer. Des used to be a thief of some kind and knows his way around. Apparently, too much time butling has made him soft.

There’s also a strange art error here. Three characters are leaving a house in one strip then Raymond draws them leaving through a hotel lobby in the next strip.

It’s okay enough, just too short.


Writer, Ward Greene; artist, Alex Raymond; publisher, King Features.

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  1. Jostein Hansen

    Thanks for some real engaging reviews of this splendid detective/crime strip. I hope you will also give us some depth insight to the last of Raymonds stories from 1954-56.
    Well, you mentioned some art error in this particulary story. But perhaps the scene has changed a bit, just from one panel to the other, like in many other comic strips we don´t know exactly what has happened between the panels. It seems that Desmond is living in a hotellroom at the moment (later on Rip investigate his room) and that the crooks has followed him there before leaving again…

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